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1963-1967 Corvette Sting Ray Remains An Icon

Few people would disagree that the Corvette Sting Rays built from 1963-'67 are among the most beautiful machines on four wheels. How they became that way - and how they remain a cultural icon to this day - is a story unto itself... read more

The Evolution of the Chrysler HEMI Engine

They don't call it a legend for just any old reason. The return of Chrysler's "Hemi" engine in 2003 resurrected a blast from the past that began more than five decades ago. So named for its effective hemispherical (dome-shaped) combustion chambers, the "Hemi" was capable of ingesting huge volumes of air and fuel, essential for making high horsepower... read more

1969 Pontiac GTO “The Judge”

A manufacturer would have to be crazy to name a car "The Judge". But back in the 1960s, craziness ruled the road... and success in the showroom... read more

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

Weird doesn't begin to describe it, but the Dodge Charger Daytona showed just how far Dodge was willing to go to be the king of NASCAR racing... read more

1964-1965 Pontiac GTO

It's true that the GTO became the icon of the Musclecar era, but few know hard it was to make it all happen, except perhaps for one man who had to battle the corporate establishment... read more

2009 Nissan 370Z

370Z. Simply Z-licious. 332 horsepower from just 3.7 liters... read more

2010 Ford Mustang

2010 Stang. The answer to the question, "What comes after retro?" Better retro. There's nothing subtle about the look of the GT500 or its 540-horsepower supercharged V8. From there, however, it's a long drop to 315 horsepower in the GT... read more

1964-1966 Plymouth Barracuda

Chrysler's first entry in the Pony car wars forever remains in the Mustang's shadow. It's no surprise that the first Barracuda provided little in the way of showroom competition for the Ford Mustang. After all, the Barracuda was merely a fastback version of the Valiant Signet, whereas the Mustang body was a new piece of eye candy... read more

2009 Dodge Challenger

Nostalgia now comes in three flavors (SE, R/T, SRT8)... read more

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

A 205-mph sports car with a six-figure price that's a steal of a deal... read more

1982-1992 Chevrolet Camaro

Over a 10-year period, the Camaro not only reached its zenith in popularity, but returned to its performance roots... read more

1967-70 Mercury Cougar

When the Mercury Cougar finally arrived in the fall of 1966, it was one of several fresh entries into the pony-car race, including the Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird and Plymouth's clean-sheet second-generation Barracuda... read more

1969-70 Boss 302 Mustang

Most of the millions of Ford Mustangs made in its first few years back in the mid-1960s were built for fun and pleasure on the street. On the other hand, the very-limited-production Boss 302 Mustang was created first and foremost as a racing car... read more

1967 Plymouth Hemi Belvedere GTX

Plymouth released an upscale Belvedere package called GTX in 1967 to market the new Super Commando 440 big block... read more

1968-70 Dodge Charger

From the tip of its long hood to the end of its rear bumper, the new Charger that Dodge launched in the fall of 1967 was something to behold... read more

2010 Chevrolet Camaro

What a difference 43 years can make. Then again, maybe nothing has changed at all. In February, the Chevrolet Camaro, which became a nameplate for the 1967 model ear, rides again to challenge the Ford Mustang and the recently reappearing Dodge Challenger in a Big-Three-way sports car face off... read more

Blast From The Past: 2005 - 2006 Ford GT

It was a blast from the past in more ways than one. Ford's GT, which celebrated 100 years of company history, capitalized on the popularity and success of the GT40, one of the most fabled automobiles of all time from any manufacturer... read more

Killer '70 Road Runner Muscle Car

Mike Cenky, of Huber Heights, Ohio, owns a '70 Road Runner hardtop a six-barrel 440 engine... read more

They Don't Build Them Like They Used To

They sure don't build them like they used to. And if you're talking about the straight-up comparison between a 1975 Corvette and a new model, that's probably a very good thing... read more


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